Take Control of Your Mind

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Do you think that you are consciously in control of your mind and your reactions? Are you aware that your subconscious mind controls over 85% of your mind? The subconscious mind controls our survival instinct, all of the things you do unconsciously, breathing for example, and the things you do without having to think about them, you habits, and stores all of your memories. All of your beliefs and fears, which form your perceptions of the world around you, have been accepted as "truth" by the subconscious. Many of them were formed when you were a child, long before you old enough to really understand what they meant, and are many times taught to us by our parents and teachers, based on their perceptions and beliefs. Most of your beliefs that you have as an adult and live your life by, are not even your own, and these beliefs, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, and whether you like them or not, control the patterns and behaviors that you operate by. For the most part, they run your life. Many of them, as adults, are no longer useful to us, and many times they can cause turmoil in our lives and relationships.

You are merrily going about the business of life when all of a sudden your subconscious picks up on a situation that is similar to one you experienced before. It searches it's storehouse of information and automatically reacts in the same way, or similar, that it did the first time. Sometimes it can be something as small as a sight, a sound or tone of voice, or a smell, that can trigger a reaction that is shocking to you.

Then we start to feel like we are broken, that something is wrong with us. We run down to the doctor's office and get an arsenal of drug(s) to repair what is wrong with our mind. We now have our drug(s) to relieve our anxiety; to relieve the stress; to relieve the depression. We now have formed a new belief; the lie that we can no longer live our life happily without those mind altering drug(s). All the while doctors and pharmaceutical companies are filling their pockets, you become convinced, without a shadow of a doubt, that the only savior for your sanity comes in a bottle. The truth of the matter is; there is no drug that is going to cure your thoughts and beliefs. That can only be done in our minds. You can take back control of your thoughts and beliefs, and your reactions, but it has to be done at the subconscious level. You can think consciously that you want to change something, but you still have that hidden belief in your subconscious mind that tells you differently.

Through hypnosis and NLP you can train your mind to eliminate or change it's conditioning to filter out beliefs that allow fear to run our lives, and your anxiety and worry will quickly disappear being replaces by calm. Even the most intense fears, obsessions and panic attacks can be eliminated in a short period of time through the use of hypnosis and NLP. You have to retrain your mind.

If you don't take control of your mind, others will do it for you.

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Watch and You Will See What the Body Is Telling You

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Our subconscious mind speaks to the world in many different ways, one of which is through our body language. You might be curious to know that when we are communicating to others that:

  • 55% of our communication is visual (though our body language and the eyes)
  • 38% is vocal (the pitch, speed, volume, tone of voice)
  • 7% the actual words spoken

Body language tells us a lot about a person, and unless we are consciously trying to act or behave or appear a certain way such as when we are out for a night on the town, women some of them for example will swing their hips more and act sexy, and men try to appear more confident, the “Alpha Male”; despite those times most all of our body language comes straight from the subconscious mind. When we are unhappy for example, we don’t sit up as straight, we walk slower, the tone in our voice changes, and when we are happy our gate, posture and voice expresses it.

Let’s just make a few points about the face alone. When we are giving a fake smile we actually use different facial muscles than when we are sincerely happy. But then that refers back to consciously trying to portray, or rather lie who we truly are, thinking or feeling, and when we are being genuine. One act is done consciously and the other comes direct from the subconscious mind.

You can take a FREE test here that takes about 10 minutes, to see how well you fair consciously trying to determine if they are displaying a genuine smile, or a fake one.

Or you may want to try your hand out on seeing if you can tell what the person is thinking by just being able to observe their eyes.

Women are better at determining this then men, due to the fact that our brain mass and development, (I will do an article on the different make up and physical differences between the male and female brain) is geared toward being better at expressing and determining the emotions of others.

There is the well known saying that “The eyes are the window to the soul”, and the eyes alone can tell you a lot about how a person is feeling. If they don’t look at you when you are having a conversation with them for example, can mean a lot of things such as, they think they are better or more superior then you, they are lying, shy, nervous. On the same token, if you look too straight into someone’s eyes for too long, you will make them feel uncomfortable. Normally they are not picking up on this fact consciously, although sometimes that is the case, but most times this is coming from their subconscious mind signaling to them that something is up. Studies through the use of laboratory instruments have shown that the slightest change in eye expression is picked up at the subconscious level.

Most of this communication is your subconscious speaking to the subconscious of others. The dilation of the pupils in your eyes, blood flow and the tone of your skin changes with your mood, muscle contraction, etc…all come from and are picked up subconsciously.

Really makes you wonder, “What is my body language saying to the world around me?”

Do you know that attackers, whether they are muggers, rapist, and even players, usually pick their victims through observing their body language?

Every part of your body is displaying some sort of message; from your eyes all the way down to the direction you are pointing your feet. And the further you get from the face, the more genuine the body expresses itself due partly to the fact that if you are intentionally trying to present yourself in a certain way, you concentrate on the face, and less so, as you move down the body.

You can learn how to:

  • Flirt and attract the opposite sex
  • Show that you are confident on that Job Interview
  • Gain rapport, influence and persuade
  • Make that sale

By learning Body Language you can also learn what others are unconsciously saying to you:

  • Is He/She Flirting With Me?
  • Are they interested? Or not?
  • Know when someone is lying to you
  • Are they, shy, confident, angry, nervous…

And the list goes on and on.

Have you ever had a feeling about someone or something, but you just “can’t put your finger on it?” Hmmm.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

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