A Secret Way to Gain Instant Rapport With Someone

Saturday, June 28, 2008 0 comments

It is vital to have rapport in every relationship you have, whether it is romantic, platonic, social or professional. It is essential to good communication and building trust. When you have good rapport with someone, you feel that you are compatible, and communication and trust come easily.

A secret way to gain trust and rapport with someone, without their knowledge of you doing it, is with a greeting, and it all starts from the moment you make eye contact.

Every person has their own way of greeting others, whether they are conscious of it or not, and those that do not study Body Language, NLP, or hypnosis, are unaware of this fact.

At the moment of eye contact, if they don’t divert their eyes away, everyone gives some kind of greeting through their Body Language, and if you do not train yourself to be consciously aware of it, you will not notice it, although you’re subconscious mind picks up on all of these signals, and instantly signals your conscious mind to respond appropriately.

Many times this signal can be very subtle. They may smile, they may nod their head or raise their eyebrows…it can be most anything. Train yourself to watch closely so you can pick up on it, and then mirror that gesture back to them. They will then usually give another signal of greeting. Again, this can be most anything. Once again you mirror that gesture back to them. Even though they will not notice what you are doing consciously, their subconscious mind will pick it up, and you are now considered a friend not foe, causing the other person will instantly feel at ease with you.

Instant rapport! After all, you are just like them.

This is based on the common NLP use of “Mirroring and Matching.”

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