What Do Emotions, Energy and DNA Have in Common?

Friday, July 04, 2008 1 comments

We all have our hidden expectations...our own view of the world and how it should be according to our perceptions and beliefs. The 60,000 thoughts that run through our minds each day, are forming what we want to be happening at that moment, what we would like to happen in our future, and either praising events or yearning for how we wish it had played out in the past. We dwell on things that don't go according to our plan. We all have regrets. We are in constant judgment of everything and everybody that is evolving around us, much of which is being done subconsciously. However, many of us blame all of our misgivings and unhappiness on those outside sources.

The "if only(s)". If only...they had/hadn't said this or done that, or if only...this had or hadn't happened. If only...all the pieces of the puzzle could all fit neatly together to form the beautiful picture I have created in my mind, my life would be perfect and I could find happiness. If only...

When people, including ourselves, don't behave or perform the way we would like, or events don't happen according to our vision, the ugly emotions start to emerge. We feel fear and frustration, anger and depression, resentment and jealousy...and these emotions create the stress and anxiety that are destroying our minds and body. Our vibration goes down, and we attract like a magnet more of the things we don't want in our lives, which only creates an endless cycle. Like attracts and gravitates toward like.

Many of us turn to chemicals as a quick fix to repair all of the damage these emotions are creating within us, or to escape from them momentarily. Nowhere in the creation of the Universe has there ever been a need for the chemical drugs that further destroy our minds and bodies. The Universe was created so that everything is provided for us, either on this earth or within ourselves.

Everything in the Universe is created by energy all vibrating at different frequencies. Our cells are made up of energy. Even our thoughts are made of energy. When there are people around us that are happy, we can feel that positive energy! Likewise, when someone walks in that is depressed or angry, we can feel that also. We don't have to look at their faces, and they don't have to say a word...we can feel the energy and vibration coming from them. We are all connected.

When we have negative or positive thoughts we are not only producing negative/positive energy that can be felt by the people around us. We are even affecting the energy of the objects we come in contact with, by our energy. But more importantly, we are also affecting the cells and DNA that create us. When we are in Love, we feel alive! We feel it in every cell! We Glow! And when we are unhappy our immune system goes down and we become ill. Dis-ease. Now, what do you believe your thoughts are doing to your cell production?

We have the power within us to change any emotion we are experiencing at any given moment. For example...what happens to the way you feel when you think of something that has happened that you are unhappy with in some way? You begin to feel the same way that you did when it happened originally. When you have a happy memory, you begin to smile or laugh. Give it a try.

No situation or person has the power to make us happy, depressed, angry...without our consent. The choice is ours...only we have that power. There is no one or no situation that is to blame! It all lies within ourselves and in our beliefs and perceptions, and how we choose to feel.

However, many times our emotions are serving a belief that we hold within us, without consciously knowing what that belief is. Our subconscious, however, does know and holds the answers to that question. If we are feeling depressed, for example, it is serving a belief. Subconsciously we are wanting something that we believe that we need, or our subconscious mind believes it is protecting us from something. Again, we may not consciously know what that is, or consciously understand why we are feeling or behaving the way we are.

The subconscious mind does not work on logic. That is what our conscious mind is for. The subconscious mind is in charge of our survival instinct, and our ability to react without thinking. It is in charge of taking care of everything we do unconsciously. It is what keeps us breathing, our cells reproducing. It stores all of our beliefs, values, habits and memories, many of which were formed when we were children and no longer serve us well. They were formed when we were too young and inexperienced to make sound beliefs and judgments, and many of them were taught to us by our teachers and parents based on their beliefs and perceptions.

Two powerful ways you can access the unconscious mind and find those beliefs and/or change them is through hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming. You can change how you react and the emotions your subconscious chooses to use on any given situation, and I will continue to show you how on this site.

To begin attracting the things we do want in life, we have to change our vibrational energy and begin to feel Love, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude. We have to concentrate on what we do want, instead of what we don't want, and it all starts with changing our mind!

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  • Liara Covert 7/23/08, 7:38 AM

    Part of your mind wants one thing and another part of your mind wants the opposite. Only as you choose to explore your beliefs will you empower yourself to work through beliefs. Wherever you go, you encounter liars who help you discern when and where you lie to yourself. People lie when they are afraid.