Plagiarists - Liars, Cheats, Copycats and Thieves

Friday, February 06, 2009 11 comments

plagiarismLiars, cheats, copycats and thieves come in many forms, but since the Internet has come into play, there has been a steep rise in one particular liar, cheat and thieve, and that is Plagiarists. The Internet has made it so easy to gather information on any subject of your choosing, and to easily copy that information, including an entire Website, with a few short clicks on your keyboard - to use as your own.

I have two blogs which are less than a year old, “Valley of the Subconscious “, and “Open Your Heart to the Love”, both of which I work very hard on. The articles I write and display there, are both researched, and come from my heart and soul. Unfortunately, in the short time since they were born, I have run into plagiarists a couple of times. The last time was from a member of this site. The article is titled, “Toxic Humans”, and was stolen from my article titled, “Don’t Let Toxic People Thrive on You”, I have to chuckle to myself as I think about how ironic it is, that a “toxic person” would steal an article that talks about not allowing, that very person, to thrive on you. It appears that this article was admired by several people, as the first comment left there was a request to use it. To which I responded with an unyielding “No” - they are my words.

Ms. Smith, while I am flattered that you admired my article so much it lead you to steal my words, however, you stole part of my soul - a part of me, and I must insist that you remove this article, and my words from your blog on this site, and any other site you have seen fit to post them.

For those of you that have sites, or write articles for the Internet, there are some tools that you can utilize to find the liars, cheats and thieves that go by the name of plagiarists, to not only find, but also to pursue those that choose this form of thievery.

Some very helpful articles on this subject:

What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content
Copy Alerts, is the free service I use that caught this crafty gal.

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