A Workout For Your Mind - Mastermind

Friday, September 19, 2008 3 comments

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  • Anonymous 9/19/08, 7:32 PM

    Ah Jeez I always get these messedip..just like that damned rubiks Cube thing..:))

  • Grace Lee 9/21/08, 4:34 AM

    This was great fun, but I should go to bed now.

  • Jaya 9/24/08, 1:27 AM

    So what does it tell us, if we do well, or do poorly, on this?? I went through 13 rounds and got it right each time, and then I was restless and wanting it to end, and rushed through the 14th round without paying much attention and got it wrong. Phooey. It got more challenging as they started included ones they had shown in previous rounds.