Is It My Eyes, Or Is My Mind Playing Tricks On Me?

Thursday, August 14, 2008 0 comments

None of these images are animated. Click on the illusions to make them larger.

Hmmm, veeery interesting!

Where's the baby?

Portrait of an old man, or maiden sitting on a bank, an old tree, an old tree stump, a couple of houses. What else can you find?

Salvadore Dali illusion. Portrait of old man, or fair maiden?

Squares A and B are both the same color. Your going to have to take my word on this one.

Vase, or two faces facing each other?

There is a man's face in there, can you find it? Hint at the bottom of the page.
He's there, keep looking.

Fish or sailboats?

Lovers in a bottle, or dolphins at play. Children have a tendency to see the dolphins.

Are these elephants the same size, or are they progressively getting smaller. Fooled ya, they are all the same size. Don't believe me you say. Measure them. And you thought I was the one that was lying. Shame on you!
How about these tables? Yep, you guessed it, same size.

The next pictures need to be enlarged by clicking on them to get the correct effect.

Concentrate on one of the yellow dots, the others will disappear.

Concentrate on the dot in the middle. The pink dots begin to disappear.

Look at the black dot in the center and then move your head closer and farther away.

Are the circles moving? Move your head closer and farther away, and then what happens?

Look at the black dot in the center, and then move your head closer and further from the screen. Are the circles moving?

Our eye's blind spot.

How many black dots do you see? Can you count them? Well there aren't any at all. Fooled ya!

HINT: On bean picture.
Look in the lower portion of the picture near the left hand side.

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