Visual and/or Optical Illusion Pictures

Thursday, August 14, 2008 1 comments

Click on the illusion to make it larger.

Portrait of an elderly man, or fair maiden with her baby, sleeping dog, and elderly man? There are 9 faces in this image, can you find them all? What else can you find? By Oclavio Ocampo. Go by his site, there is much more fascinating artwork there to see.

Dragon sleigher, or portrait of a man?

Three variations of the same theme. Old, or young woman? The last one has an old man, an old woman, and a young woman. Take your pick.

Angels at play, or a Greek God?

Vase? An old man and woman? Or a whole scene consisting of several people?

Scull? Or woman sitting at her vanity?

Group of women, or ghastly face?

Is this what was really on Sigmund Freud's mind?

Do you see a face, or the word Liar. Probably depends on whether you have been exposed to a liar or have told a lie lately, or not.

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